Personen, die den Schützenhof ausmachen

Our Heritage

We are family! And we’ve been around a long time – for 7 generations we have been living, loving and labouring here in Deutsch-Schützen. One could say that we are a family wine estate – it suits us. The region extending before us from our veranda is Southern Burgenland, and the Eisenberg is our mountain. This is where we are from and this is where we belong; it represents our heritage, origins and home. The Eisenberg and its surrounds are home to our vineyards which, after receiving much love and care from us year after year, gift us grapes. The majority of these grapes are red, respond to the name Blaufränkisch and are causing much furore in Austria as well as in the big wide world. We must humbly admit that we are quite proud of that. “Hands-off” winemaking is our approach. Sounds a bit lazy, but actually only our wines are allowed to do nothing as we give them plenty of time to mature. We, on the other hand, work hard day and night – organically, true to our soils and down to earth in the most literal sense. That is our philosophy and the secret to our success, and by pouring yourself a glass of wine, you become part of it all.

Die Personen

(Inhaber, verantwortlich für Pflanzenschutz und Weinbereitung)

(Marketing & Sales, Finanz und Verwaltung)

Opa Mike
(Seniorchef, Traktorist, Lexikon, Handwerker)

Oma Karin
(Seniorchefin, Weingartenpflege, Gästezimmerbetreuung)

Uroma Hilde
(Rezeptionistin und gute Seele des Hauses)

(Erstgeborener mit dem feinsten
Geruchssinn am Hof)

(die kleinste mit dem größten Selbstvertrauen)